Dr. K.L. Laytin
Behavioral Psychologist

Specializing in the Treatment of Child and Adult Behavior Disorders     



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    K. L. Laytin, Ph.D.
      Behavioral Psychologist

    Clinical Specialization

    Dr. Laytin specializes in the use of Behavioral Psychology in the treatment of disorders. He uses techniques known historically as Behavior Modification, today more commonly referred to as behavior analysis or Applied Behavioral Analysis. This approach is scientifically-derived and seeks to understand the causes of inappropriate behaviors through understanding their impact upon the environment. The techniques are applications of Psychological research that began in the 1930s and 1940s and saw the first applications to human behavior change in the 1950s and 1960s. It began with the work of B.F. Skinner. Virtually all of the Applied Behavior Analysis being done today is derived from this early research in the Psychology of Learning. It relies on what is referred to as the functional analysis of behavior and generally uses techniques of positive reinforcement to teach appropriate behavior and to replace inappropriate behaviors.

    Using this functional analysis allows Dr. Laytin to help reduce behaviors such as child temper tantrums, oppositional-defiant behaviors and failure of children to toilet train. These techniques can also be helpful in managing hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders, and addressing skill acquition in children and adults with developmental delays, autism, language delays, social skill deficits, obsessive compulsive behaviors, eating disorders and fears. Other Behavioral Psychology techniques known traditionally as Behavior Therapy, are used to address many adult behavioral issues. These are Dr. Laytin's areas of expertise.





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    K.L. Laytin, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist - Rochester, ,Massachusetts

    Specializing in Behavioral Psychology

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