Dr. K.L. Laytin
Behavioral Psychologist

Specializing in the Treatment of Child and Adult Behavior Disorders     



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    K. L. Laytin, Ph.D.
      Behavioral Psychologist

    Fees and Insurance

    We will gladly submit claim forms to your health insurance company, as a courtesy and attempt to help you with your insurance. Mental Health services do not require a referral, but do often require a prior authorization from your insurance. We can handle that for you. You will be responsible for copayments, deductibles and certain balances not paid by your insurance. Payment is expected at each session, unless other arrangements have been agreed to in advance. You should find out the exact nature of your insurance coverage. Some policies require copayments, other do not. Some have a deductible prior to paying benefits. Some policies have limits.

    Unless we have agreed to other arrangements, interest charges will be added to outstanding balances over 30 days at 1.5% per month.


    All services are by appointment only. Unlike some services you purchase, your appointment is yours and yours alone. Because the appointment is reserved for you, a missed appointment or a cancellation with less than 24 hours advance notice results in lost time, time other clients could have been seen. There will therefore be a charge of $ 35. for any missed or late canceled appointment. This charge cannot be billed to your insurance company or other third party.





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    K.L. Laytin, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist - Rochester, Massachusetts

    Specializing in Behavioral Psychology

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